Through our trips we want to go beyond stereotypical perception of Scandinavia, present inspiring beauty and stunning cultural heritage of northern countries. This was our inspiration to start a travel agency

Hit The Road Travel

specialising in arranging group trips with itineraries exceeding the standards available on the market.

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‘The wild strawberry patch’ it is not only the famous film of Ingmar Bergman. It is also how our northern neighbors call their favorite place, to which they like coming back. This place is usually unknown to others or slightly underestimated. The green island Nólsøy lying in the archipelago of Faroes Islands, where almost everywhere you can came across oystercatchers, puffins or storm petrels, park of sculptures and Milles Museum with the beautiful view of Stockholm, second-hand book shops just beside the emerald fjord in Fjærland in Norway are only a few of our ‘wild strawberries’. We are the group of people connected with Scandinavia from many years. We love Scandinavian countries and would like to infect our guests with our passion. Give up prejudices and let us take you to the trip of your life, no matter if you have one day or a little bit more time to hit the road by the Baltic Sea. Maybe you would find your wild strawberry patch with us.

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We care about the comfort and security of our guests – that is why we propose accommodation in cosy hotels of regional character and friendly atmosphere, offering rich breakfasts, where rooms have own bathrooms of course.

For the transport services comfortable and ecological buses are booked. We cooperating with solid and proven ferry companies and airlines.

Our trips are insured.

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History of Scandinavia isn’t as homogenous as it is commonly believed. II War World had tremendous impact on Norwegians. Almost all Norwegian and Finnish Lapland was destroyed through the German Army escaping from Soviets. On the other hand, Sweden was celebrating 200-years anniversary of uninterrupted peace. If history is discussed there, people go for ancient times, for example swashbuckling king Charles XII who spent many years fighting in Poland, Saxony, Russia and Turkey and finally died from a bullet shot during the siege of Norwegian fortress Fredriksten.

All Scandinavia abound in relicts of history – mysterious, stone fortress, burial mounds, Neolithic burial grounds in the shape of a boat, monuments from Viking Age, runestones, richly sculptural stave churches, magnificent Romanesque temples, eighteenth-century manor houses and palaces or Art Nouveau townhouses. All this and many other interesting places we would like to present during our trips.

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Our ambition is to present a richness of Scandinavian culture, tradition and art – this ancient ones like exotic but still lively culture of the Sami people as well as contemporary colours of northern countries. Especially, it is really worth to draw attention to modern design which is reflected in applied art as well as in bold, extraordinary architecture. Ørestad district in Copenhagen, Akker Brygge in Oslo, buildings designed by Alvar Aaalto, Gunnar Asplund or Ralph Erskine are only a few examples that have created a new trends in the global architecture. What is so important, Scandinavian architecture, as it was before, draw inspiration from the nature and respect needs of ordinary people.

In order to support the sustainable development of the local community we order the services and traditional products offer by the local deliverers.

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The beauty of nature – it is what Scandinavians are especially proud of. To mention only a few – white summer nights, northern lights, skerries, Norwegian fjords, glaciers, Icelandic volcanos and hot springs. There’s no doubt, Scandinavians are right! Their deep love of nature is reflected not only in legislation, wildlife conservation but also in a lifestyle. They just love to spend free times in the bosom of nature. Due to famous right of the ubiquitous access called ‘Allemansrätten’, Swedish can wander through private properties, camp out or swim in the lakes provided paying respect to a property and a privacy of the owners, not destroying plantations and vegetation, not disturbing animals.

Our trips are prepared with respect for the environment.

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Designing our trips we avoid large, chain restaurant companies – you have a chance to visit them in other parts of the world. We propose restaurants dedicated to regional delicacies prepared of local fresh products like ‘Sol over Bornholm’ – smoked herring with yolk, dark bread and akvavit (Scandinavian herbal liqueur), dried mutton from Faroe Islands, fish soup in Norway, rarities from cloudberries and many more.

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