Day 1

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the coat of arms of Bergen

  • flight to Bergen
  • transit to the centre
  • accommodation at the hotel
  • walking tour of Bergen


St. Mary’s Church

Bergenhus fortress

  • lunch at the Fish Market
  • Old Bergen Museum (open-air museum)
  • cable railway trip up Fløyfjellet hill
  • dinner
  • return to the hotel

Hotel in the centre


Lunch – seafood and fish of the morning catch at the Fish Market in the heart of Bergen


Dinner – Norwegian delicacies in a restaurant with a beautiful view of Bergen

Bergen, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel


Bryggen is Bergen’s waterfront, the oldest district of the city consisting of colourful wooden merchant houses date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, designed and built according to Hanseatic regulations of architecture in port cities. Currently you can find there plenty of cheerful shops, bars and restaurants. The district is situated next to the main port of the city – Vågen and the Fish Market (Torget). Bryggen was listed on UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979. It is the most recognizable sight of Bergen.

Bergen, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Pål Hoff / VisitBergen -


The capital of fjords and Norway’s second largest city. Bergen used to be Hansa’s northernmost harbour. The city is surrounded by seven hills and numerous fjords with smaller or bigger rocky islands.  Bergen is the rainmost place in Europe but the inconvenience connected to the weather will be rewarded with magnificent views, nice atmosphere in the city and friendliness of Norwegian hosts.

Cable railway trip up Fløyfjellet hill

Cable railway


Norwegian violinist and composer of the Romanticism whose fame rivalled Paganini’s popularity. He was born in Bergen. Thanks to Ole Bull the first theatre in Norway was established in Bergen.


World-famous composer frequently called Chopin of the North. The creator of Norwegian national style in music was born in Bergen. Music composed to Ibsen’s drama ‘Peer Gynt’ is considered as the most beautiful and the most recognizable masterpiece of the composer.

Fish Market in Bergen. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: C H/

Day 2

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  • trip by train to Myrdal
  • change in Myrdal
  • journey by a legendary train to Flåm
  • accommodation at a hotel
  • lunch
  • walking tour of the valley
  • bonfire, dinner
  • return to the hotel

Tourist hotel in Flåm


Lunch in the port in Flåm


Dinner by campfire

Flåm, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

m_dickson / Foap /

Aurlandsfjord, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

Frithjof Fure -


Lost among the meadows and orchards, a small village situated by Aurlandsfjord – branch of the longest fjord in Europe – Sognefjord. Great views, idyllic ambience and spotlessly clean air encourage visitors to stay longer.

Journey by a legendary train to Flåm



One of the most famous rail routes in Europe connecting Myrdal with Flåm valley. A construction of railway was started in 1923 and finished in 1940. It is one of the steepest railway lines in the world. On the 20 km long route, trains cross almost 900 meters fall in 50 minutes. Tracks built along the mountainside meander in system of serpentines and mostly hand-dug tunnels. The difference in levels is up to 300 m in one of the tunnels, in another the line take a hairpin turn. The railway line four times crosses the river channelled for security reasons to the tunnels located under the tracks. Passed waterfalls are almost at your fingertips. Breath-taking views guaranteed.

Day 3

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the coat of arms of Sogndal

  • transfer to Gudvangen
  • cruise through the Naerøyfjord
  • arrival in Kaupanger
  • a late lunch
  • sightseeing of the stave church in Kaupanger
  • hike up the Storamyri hill

– view of the Blei mountain on the opposite bank of the Sognefjord

  • transit to Sogndal
  • dinner
  • accommodation at the hotel

Hotel in Sogndal


Lunch in Kaupanger – local specialties


Dinner in Sogndal – Norwegian delicacies


18 km long branch of the Sognefjord. Due to the natural and brilliant beauty Naerøyfjord (together with Geirangerfjord) has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. Both fjords have also been ranked no 1 in the category of world natural heritage by the National Geographic Society.

Nærøyfjorden, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Øyvind Heen /

Nærøyfjorden, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Øyvind Heen /

Cruise through the Nærøyfjord

Nærøyfjorden cruise

Nærøyfjorden, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Øyvind Heen /


Stave churches (stavkirke) – characteristic wooden churches located in Norway dating back from the tenth to the thirteenth century when the Christian faith was mingled with the beliefs in pagan Viking gods. The corpus of the construction is the skeletal structure composed of vertical earth-bound posts which are concatenated by long planks. Planks applied vertically form the walls of the church. Churches are characterized by steep roofs covered with shingles. Ridges are usually tipped by sculptures of dragons. Stave churches are one of the oldest wooden monuments in Europe. There is also one stave church in Poland. It is the Wang Temple in Karpacz that was relocated from Norwegian town – Vang in 1842.


Stave church in Kaupanger (Kaupanger stavkirke) – one of the largest stave churches in the region. The construction of the temple is supported by 22 staves (large bearing columns) – the most among all the stave churches in Norway. The church was built in 1190 and its original medieval design has been preserved to this day.

Nærøyfjorden, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: C H/

Day 4

hotelbusmealsnatureknowledgeactivewalking tour


  • bus tour to Fjærland
  • visit to Norwegian Glacier Museum
  • lunch
  • walking tour towards glaciers
  • walk of Fjærland
  • dinner
  • bus tour to Sogndal
  • overnight stay

Lunch at the glacier museum


Dinner among books

Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjærland. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: C H -

Fjaerland, Norwegia, glacier. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: C H/


delicious seafood dishes

Seafood from Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Nancy Bundt /


Fjærland, Norway

One of the most beautiful villages in the region as well as one of the most authentic and unspoiled by modernity. It was the last village in the vicinity that was connected to the road network (in 1994). Old wooden houses upon Fjærlandsfjorden with mountains in the background contribute to the unforgettable scenery. It is not the only attraction of the village. Fjærland is considered the capital of books in Norway because of an unusual accumulation of bookshops and the used book seller’s. Quite a surprising attraction are self-serviced unattended book stands where buyers have an opportunity of selecting books an settling the payment to a tin box which is placed on the stand.

Fjærland by Fjærlandfjorden, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Øyvind Heen /

Day 5

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  • Sognefjord cruise to Bergen
  • lunch
  • Bergen Aquarium


  • Troldhaugen – Grieg Museum
  • dinner
  • transfer at the airport
  • flight to Poland

Lunch in Bergen


Dinner – fish dishes 

Sognefjord, Norway. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: C.H. -


The longest fjord in Europe and third longest in the world. It is considered the longest open fjord because two longer fjords are icebound for the most of the year. It stretches 203 km (127 miles) inland and its width varies from 1,5 up to 6 km (0,9 – 3.7 miles). Sognefjord is 1.308 meters deep in its deepest part.

Sognefjord cruise to Bergen

Rejs po Sognefjorden

Aquarium in Bergen. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Olivier Bruchez


Troldhaugen – Edvard Grieg Museum. The museum consists of composer’s villa in which he lived with his wife for the last 22 years through his death, the chalet by the lake – his hermitage, the burial place as well as a modern, multimedia museum and two concert halls. 

Troldhaugen - Grieg's house and museum in Bergen. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: insomniac 2.0

Troldhaugen - Edvard Grieg Museum in Bergen. Norway tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Knut-Arve Simonsen

from 375 € per person*

*for 20-person group. The price includes return flight, cruises, transfers, accommodation in hotels in double room, meals, guide assistance, admissions and attractions.

The programme is addressed to groups from 10 to 50 people

The above offer is intended as information and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions.


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  • workshop or team building
  • car
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  • swimming pool
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  • walking tour
  • diving
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  • spa
  • nature study
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  • narrow-gauge railway
  • surf
  • adventure park
  • bungee jumping
  • go-karts
  • golf
  • off-roading
  • zip-line
  • shotting range or paintball
  • quads

Norway tours, fjord cruises – discover the most beautiful fjords – Aurlandsfjord, Naeroyfjord, Sognefjord. Journey by legendary train to Flåm. Glacier trip.



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