Day 1

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the coat of arms of Stockholm

  • flight to Stockholm
  • transfer from the airport to the centre
  • stroll through the Norrmalm district
  • lunch
  • sightseeing of Gamla Stan (Old Town)
  • Vasa Museum on the Djurgården island
  • cruise to the Åland Islands
  • dinner

Lunch in the Old Town



On Sunday 10 August 1628 Vasa lay rigged and ready for sea just below the Tre Kronor royal palace. Ballast, guns and ammunition were all on board. For the first few hundred meters Vasa was warped along the waterfront with cables from the shore. The ship did not begin to sail until she reached what is now Slussen. Sailors climbed the rigging to set four of Vasa’s ten sails. A salute was fired and Vasa slowly began her maiden voyage. Once Vasa came out from under the lee of the Södermalm cliffs, the sails could catch the wind, but the ship was tender and heeled over to port, then heeled again, even farther. Water rushed in through the open gunports and the ship’s fate was decided. Vasa sank after having sailed barely 1300 meters. The crew threw themselves into the water or clung to the rigging until rescued, but not all managed to save themselves. The exact loss numbers recalled by the eyewitnesses differ, but perhaps 30 of approximately 150 people on board died. Vasa was lifted from the sea after 333 years.

It is the only one original seventeenth-century ship in the world that has survived until today.


Vasa Museum, Stockholm

photo: Ola Ericson / imagebank.sweden.se

Royal Palace in Stockholm

photo: Ola Ericson / imagebank.sweden.se

Night life in Stockholm

photo: Conny Fridh / imagebank.sweden.se

Old Town in Stockholm

photo: Nicho Sodling / imagebank.sweden.se

Old Town in Stockholm

photo: Ola Ericson / imagebank.sweden.se

Mårten Trotzigs gränd, Stockholm

photo: Simon Paulin / imagebank.sweden.se


The small and steep alley connects some busy streets in the Old Town. Children from school on Prästgatan street are eager to walk there – after 36 steps downstairs they can turn up in one of popular pastry shops on Västerlånggatan Street. But beware! The alley is only 90 cm wide! The name of the street comes from a German merchant who was the owner of many houses in the area in the sixteenth century.



a treat prepared only in some restaurants in Norrmalm – Stockholm northern centre. A sandwich made of rye bread, bloater, whitefish caviar paste, egg yolk, chives and red onion called ‘Red Baron’. Dalarö is a small island in the Stockholm Archipelago where smoked herring to sandwiches comes from.


photo: www.mynewsdesk.com

ferry cruise 

Cruise from Stockholm to Mariehamn

accommodation in 2-berth cabins



live music




Cruise from Stockholm to Mariehamn. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

Day 2

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the coat of arms of Åland Islands

  • breakfast on-board
  • arrival in Mariehamn
  • stroll through the city
  • sightseeing of the Pommern ship
  • sightseeing of the Sjökvarteret district
  • lunch
  • cycling trip


  • leisure time
  • back to the ferry terminal
  • cruise to Helsinki
  • dinner

Lunch at the Old Shipyard



Åland Islands belong to Finland since the fall of the Russian Empire, although all the dwellers are totally Swedish-speaking. 28 thousand people live on more than 6 thousand rocky islands between the main basin of the Baltic Sea and its northern firth – Gulf of Bothnia. Almost half of them live in the capital – Mariehamn.


The capital of the Åland Islands owes its name (literally Maria’s Port) to wife of Tsar Alexander II – Empress Maria Aleksandrovna, patron of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Population of Mariehamn is a little bit over 11 thousand people. 


Sjökvarteret – a district in the old shipyard area where wooden boats were built.

Sjökvarteret, Mariehamn, the Åland Islands. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Susanne Nilsson


The oldest beer in the world is produced in Åland. 


In the summer of 2010, among many other things, five bottles of beer were excavated from the wreckage of a ship that sank in 1840 in the Åland archipelago near the Föglö Island. As a result of this discovery exciting for beer lovers, Åland brewery Stallhagen decided to reconstruct the recipe of the found beer. In this way Stallhagen Historic Beer 1842 come into being and at once became one of the most desired brand among gourmet lovers from around the world.

Beer from the Åland Islands. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

 photo: Stallhagen

Åland Islands. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Vastavalo / Teuvo Salmenjoki / VisitFinland

Bike trip

Bike trip

Ferry cruise

Cruise from Mariehamn to Helsinki

accommodation in 2-berth cabins



live music





served with prune jam and whipped cream

Pancakes from Åland Islands. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Vastavalo /  Minna Suhonen / VisitFinland  

Day 3

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the coat of arms of Helsinki

  • breakfast on-board
  • arrival in Helsinki
  • guided tour of Helsinki:

Senate Square

Helsinki Cathedral

Art Nouveau train station

Market Square

  • lunch
  • exploring the city continued:

Chapel of Silence in the Kampi district

Temppeliaukion Church

monument of Sibelius

Olympic Stadium

  • dinner
  • transfer to the airport and return to Poland


Lapland cuisine – reindeer dishes



Karelia cuisine in the old pharmacy 

Temppeliaukion Church, Helsinki. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: VisitFinland


The church that is hollowed in the rock. Only the copper dome is visible outside. It is elevated above a circle of stone blocks. The church is one of the most visited buildings in Finland. It is also the subject of many foreign architecture publications.


The most famous Finnish composer. The creator of the Finnish national style in music. His most famous masterpiece – Finland, awoke patriotic feelings of Finns when the country was under the rule of the Russian Empire. Even though the composer was born in a Swedish speaking family, his services for Finnish culture can not be overestimated. Music of Sibelius is known and recognized all around the world. Sibelius is especially loved by the Japanese, you cannot help noticing it watching his statue in Helsinki…


Finnish as well as Estonian, Hungarian and Basque are the only European languages that are not members of the Indo-European language family. Although Finland is commonly associated with Scandinavia – it is not formally classified as a part of Scandinavia. Nevertheless the ties between Finland and Scandinavian countries are very strong – both economic and cultural. Few people also know that this nowadays rich country with an excellent social welfare was very undeveloped and poor as far back as the early nineteenth century.

Helisinki Cathedral. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: VisitFinland

The Central Train Station in Helsinki, Finland. Finland tours – Hit The Road Travel

photo: VisitFinland

from 685 € per person*

*for groups of 40 persons. The price includes flights from Gdansk to Stockholm and from Helsinki to Gdansk, cruises to Mariehamn and Helsinki with accommodation in a double cabin, meals on-board and ashore, transfers, admissions to attractions, guide assistance, bike trip.

The programme is addressed to groups from 10 to 40 people

The above offer is intended as information and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions.


+48 796-096-431


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  • shotting range or paintball
  • quads

Finland tours – cruise from Stockholm to Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. Sightseeing of Helsinki. Viking Line or Silja Line ferries. Bike trips. Ask about your group tour to Finland.



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