Day 1

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the coat of arms of Gdynia

  • night cruise from Gdynia to Karlskrona
  • dinner on-board
  • disco

Night cruise from Gdynia to Sweden

accommodation in 2-berth cabins





Ferry cruise

A journey to the Cold War period when Karlskrona – the city full of military traditions – was engulfed in espionage obsession and fear of attack by the Russians. We visit former secret bunkers beneath the city as well as a civil defence command centre functioning until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Just in case if they came…

Day 2

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the coat of arms of Karlskrona

  • breakfast on-board
  • departure from the ferry terminal
  • a view of Karlskrona from the Brewers’ Hill
  • guided tour of Karlskrona :

Market Square

– City Hall

– renaissance churches: German and Frederick’s

– Statue of King Charles XI

Ulrica Pia church

Bell Tower in the Admiralty Park

Aurora Bastion

– Royal Quay

– baroque Residence of the Governor

  • walking tour through the bunkers beneath the city
  • Marine Museum
  • lunch
  • free time
  • transfer to Trasten – a secret command centre
  • sightseeing of Trasten
  • return trip to the terminal
  • night cruise to Gdynia
  • dinner
  • entertainment on the ferry

Lunch on the Market Square – Swedish cuisine


Dinner on-board

Karlskrona, Sweden. Cold War tour, military tours to Sweden – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Marinmuseum Karlskrona


Karlskrona is situated on over 30 islands of the Blekinge Archipelago. The city centre is located on the main island of the archipelago – Trossö. The town was founded in 1680 as a base for the Swedish Royal Navy. Trossö was chosen because of its strategic location which ensures effective and quick defence in case of an attack of Danish forces. The previous base was located at the Stockholm Archipelago. Unfortunately the waters of the Baltic in the Stockholm region often froze in the winter which meant that the Swedish Navy was literally locked in ice. The location in Karlskrona also ensured a relatively short time to reach Germany and other countries in the Baltic region. The Naval Port of Karlskrona has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


The design of the Bell Tower was based on the lighthouse from the Pharos Island ranked among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


Karlskrona builders took a thorough care to adapt the city to the military purposes. Straight and wide streets as well as a large, paved square suited well drilling and marching exercises. Stortorget located at the highest point of the island is so far the largest square in Scandinavia (20 000 m²).


A secret command centre for civil defense in case of war with the USSR.  In case of a nuclear attack on Sweden the defense of the civilian population against the effects of the war was to be co-ordinated from this carved in rock base. Trasten was in use until 1990. It is a private museum now.

Marine Museum, Karlskrona, Sweden. Cold War tour, military tours to Sweden – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Marinmuseum Karlskrona

Marine Museum, Karlskrona, Sweden. Cold War tour, military tours to Sweden – Hit The Road Travel
Marine Museum, Karlskrona, Sweden. Cold War tour, military tours to Sweden – Hit The Road Travel

photo: EHRENBERG Kommunikation


Museum presenting Swedish sea wars during great power period and the history of the Swedish navy. The exhibition also recalls Cold War tensions including the worldwide known incident called ‘Whiskey on the rocks’ that is a stranding of the Soviet submarine U137 near Karlskrona in 1981. The most interesting part of exhibition is undoubtedly spectacular collection of the impressive wooden sculptures came from bows of sailing ships, located in the unique Figurehead Hall. Other part that is extremely worth to visit is newly opened the Submarine Hall. A lot of attractions for kids and adults. You cannot miss the Marine Museum if you are in Karlskrona.

Marine Museum, Karlskrona, Sweden. Cold War tour, military tours to Sweden – Hit The Road Travel

EHRENBERG Kommunikation



known to all IKEA fans, the meat balls usually prepared from minced beef served with cranberry sauce. It tastes better in Sweden…

KÖTTBULLAR. Cold War tour, military tours to Sweden – Hit The Road Travel

photo: Per-Erik Berglund/imagebank.sweden.se

Ferry cruise

Cruise from Karlskrona to Gdynia

accommodation in 2-berth cabins

all inclusive dinner


live music party



breakfast buffet

Day 3



  • breakfast on-board
  • arrival in Gdynia

from 165 € per person*

*for 48-person group. The price includes return cruise, accommodation in double cabin, transfers, meals on-board and ashore, admissions, guide assistance.

The programme is addressed to groups from 10 to 60 people

The above offer is intended as information and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions.


+48 796-096-431


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Cold War tour, military tours to Sweden – discover Karlskrona and the bunkers beneath the city. Visit Trusten – a secret command centre that was operating during the Cold War



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